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    We decided to squeeze in a few hours of hiking in the Alberta badlands today. We saw tons of amazing stuff, but this is a REAL dinosaur rib bone!! Unfortunately it is illegal to collect specimens out here, so we left with only photographs.

    Other highlights of the hike include accidentally walking into the striking range of two massive (and very agitated) rattlesnakes and almost falling into an active cougar den!

    Always an adventure at SkullStore Canada!


    Did this in one of my recent stream nights. ya’ll should come check ‘em out, sometimes I hop on the microphone to talk about stuff while I’m working, and I’ll often invite guests onto the “show” via Skype, too!


    #FlashbackFriday to the time of the dinosaurs. #Jurassic #Cretaceous #Dinosaurs #TRex #Stegosaurus #Fossils #Denver #Museum #ImAKid


    I have some exciting news to reveal soon! I wonder if it might have something to do with dinosaurs? Hmm….#dinosaur #dinosaurs #inktober #ink #comics #tattoo #paleoart #art #work

    okay so everyones drawing tfp characters as cats, dogs, wolves, dragons etc. and im just over here drawing them as dinosaurs like

    "hi i wanna be a rebel and draw dinosaurs"

    so yeah i sorta drew megatron as a tyrannosaurus rex because swag 

    im still working on drawing starscream as a utahraptor, soundwave as a quetzalcoatlus and probably some autobutts like maybe prime as an allosaurus, bee as a deinonychus and bulkhead as a ankylosaurus 

    idk im a dino nerd i love dinosaurs ok ignore me goodbye 

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